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After building the application with the included ant script, a war file is produced that it should be possible to deploy to any J2EE application server (although I've only tested it with Tomcat). Once it's deployed and launched, the first thing to do is to connect to the web application at http://hostname:8080/pimpmyshirt/index.html and enter some ratings for the shirts, in order to have some data in the application before we test it:


Now we can connect to the GroovyServer and run some code to display the application's state. As configured, the application will launch the server on port 6789 when it starts, so assuming the application is running on the same machine you're sitting in front of, you can connect to it by just opening a shell and typing telnet localhost 6789. What you'll see is exactly what you'd get if you were to run groovysh on it's own: