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The above is a minimal implementation. In the following sections are things we may wish to add to the interface and are open to feedback and discussion.

(warning) See the Backward Compatibility section for additional notes on maintaining backwards compatibility.


  • contains()
    A handful of references to this method, but only from test cases. Including this method in the new FeatureCollection is currently under discussion.
  • toArray()
    In the validation module, in a number of test cases.


GeoTools 2.5 - the follow tasks are needed right now to prevent users tripping over the Java for/each syntax (see: GEOT-1922 )

  • (tick) FeatureCollection extends ResourceCollection does not extends java.util.Collection
  • (tick) Deprecate unused java.util.Collection methods left in ResourceCollection; as measued by not being implemented
  • (tick) If FeatureCollection is the only implementation of ResoruceCollection merge the two interfaces
  • (tick) Stop FeatureCollection extending SimpleFeature; cleaning up any utility classes like FeatureState