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The Geometry module provides an implementation of OGC Feature Geometry Abstract Specification (ISO 19107) (a.k.a. Topic 1 - Feature Geometry).


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As there aren´t existing too many approaches for a 19107 GeoAPI implementation yet, this implementation will serve as a test of the capability of the GeoAPI (in fact for TC211 too, since GeoAPI is partially derived from the TC211 specs) as well. Thus, we will report a list of suggestions to GeoAPI / GeoTools in order to contribute a part to the improvement of the GeoAPI by "Best Practise".

Project Reports

Project reports:


Adrian Custer is looking into the larger problems of making ISO19107 Geometry implementation that can respond to the CoordianteReferenceSystem definition by delegating to a range of operations. This module uses linear solutions (ie 2D space) for operations such as buffer and intersects; when working with geometries defined by great circles on a sphere a different implementation should be used.

In more simple terms; we need to have a double dispatch using both Geometry and CRS in order to determine the correct operation to execute.

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