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  • We removed ArcSDE and Oracle support from the library due to difficulties distribution the jars on which this functionality depended. In addition we shut off prior downloads of the library that contained this work. This functionality was restored after "stub jars" were created by hand (these jars are non functional; operating similar to a C header file allowing code to be compiled but not executed).
  • Frank has helped address the concern of EPSG derrived data products, and we have had discussion on the integration of public domain code with our LGPL license requirements.
  • All headers in the library were assigned to the "GeoTools PMC" - an entity with no legal existence. We arranged to transfer copyright to the OSGeo foundation.
  • Remaining issues can be found in our issue tracker under GeoTools License Issues. The majority of these known issues concern checking where test case data originated from.


All issues should have been filed under the admin component .

The following issues have been identified and are recorded in our issue tracker:

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The following actions have been taken in response to issues raised during the incubation process.