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  1. Scm URL (scmURL, scmDeveloperConnection, scmConnection)
    Say most specialized model is M0. Take first occurrence of scm URL from most specialized model, call this model M1. If M0=M1, then scmURL(M0) is used unaltered. If M1 > M0, then scmURL=scmURL(M1) + ArtifactID(M0). This rule is recursive.
  2. Modules are not inherited
  3. If group ID does not exist in pom, use parent group ID if it exists. Otherwise, fail.
  4. If version does not exist in pom, use parent version if it exists. Otherwise, fail.
  5. If plugin execution 'inherited' value is false, do not inherit the plugin
  6. Dependencies must be ordered with the most specialized pom's dependencies appearing first.
  7. project/name property is not inherited
  8. packaging property is not inherited
  9. build/resources node is not inherited
  10. build/TestResources node is not inherited
  11. Profiles node is not inherited
Misc Rules

1. All models inherit from the super pom.