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the maximum number of requests to be serviced at a time.


the maximum valid priority that can be assigned to a request. A request with a high priority value is more important than a request with a low priority value.


length of time, in milliseconds, to wait while trying to accept a new request. Used when the maxRequests limit is reached.

suspendMS -

length of time, in milliseconds, that the request will be suspended if it is not accepted immediately. If not set, the container's default suspend period will be used.

Customizing the priority

Request Priority

The default request priorities assigned by the QoSFilter are:

  • 2 - For any authenticated request
  • 1 - For any request with a non-new valid session
  • 0 - For all other requests

To customize the priority, subclass QoSFilter and then override the getPriority(ServletRequest request) method to return an appropriate priority for the request. Higher values have a higher priority. You can then use this subclass as your QoS filter. Here's a trivial example:


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