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Table of Contents

Smooks core

This part gives some performance tips of the Smooks core itself. 

  • Reuse the Smooks Object. Initialization of Smooks takes some time and there for it is important that it is reused.
  • Don't use the HTMLReportGenerator only during development. Wenn using Smooks in production it should be deactivated. The HTMLReportGenerator takes a lot of performance and with large message can cause OutOfMemory exceptions.
  • If possible use the SAX stream processor. However you need to look if all the cartridges that you use are SAX compatible. SAX processing is a lot faster then DOM and has a consistent small memory footprint. It is mandatory for processing large messages. (TODO: Explain how to activate it)

Smooks cartridges

Every cartridge can have its own performance optimizing tips.

Javabean cartridge

  • If possible don't use the Virtual Bean Model. Create Beans instead of maps. Creating and adding data to Maps is a lot slower the creating simple POJO's and calling the setter methods.