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SonarQube can perform analysis on 25+ different languages. The outcome of this analysis is going to will be mainly quality measures and issues (non-respect of instances where coding rules were broken). However, what gets analyzed will vary depending on the language analyzed:

  • On all languages, a static analysis of source code is performed (java files, Cobol programs, etc.)
  • A static analysis of compiled code can be performed for certain languages (.class files or jars in Java, dll files in C#, etc.)
  • A dynamic analysis of code can be performed on certain languages (execution of unit tests in Java, C#, etc.)


First, you should install the plugin for the language of the project to be analyzed, either by a direct download or through the update center.

To launch an analysis, the following is methods are available:


Since SonarQube3SonarQube 3.3, it is possible to analyze a multi-module project with different languages. For SonarQubeversions SonarQube versions prior to 3.3, each of those modules needs to be analyzed separately by running a language-specific analysis. Then the results can be aggregated at project level, using the Views plug-in.