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If you plan to contribute code to the project, please check out our brief code style guide to make sure your contribution fits seamlessly with the rest of the code base.

VCS workflow

  1. People work on clone the main GitHub repository
  2. People create feature branches in their local personal repository (git pull; git checkout -b myFeature)cloned repository
  3. People publish their work via mirror repositories somewhere (Codehaus, GitHub) to possibly cooperate with others on the feature and when ready for review announce the branch asking for people to review. (git push [mirrorRepo] myFeature)
  4. People reviewing the feature branch fetch the changesets from the public mirror and review running tests ([git remote add mirrorRepo mirrorRepoUrl;] git fetch [mirrorRepo] myFeature
  5. If there are no worries about the proposed changes then people say so, where there are issues start a debate on the email list.
  6. When changes have been reviewed and agreed, one of the committing authors is agreed to merge the branch into their master and pushes to Codehaus the GitHub main repository (and their public mirror repository of course) (git checkout master;git pull; git merge --no-ff myFeature;git push)


The javadoc and groovydoc folders should be copied to and respectively.

9. Update the version

After a proper release the version in the build file has to be changed to the next version.