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We use tab to indent because that's what it's meant for. No weird formatting rules, prefer concise over expanded and elaborated. We don't have a strict style guide so don't worry about it too much. Follow Tapestry coding style (not formatting!) where possible (for example don't expect null, don't check for null). Avoid unnecessary code like plague and refactor mercilessly. Do not auto-format (all lines of) existing code, do not use @author tags.


The code has been moved to Github. Similarly, we are in the process of moving CI builds from Codehaus' Bamboo to Travis-ci. Travis is far easier to set up than Bamboo. You just need to turn on the build at and commit the .travis.yml file with contents "language: java" to tell it that this is a Java build.


Tynamo site is a combination of Confluence and Maven originated content. Maven sites should be published to public_html/constant/sites/<module name> (note that permissions for /sites was set manually by Codehaus support so don't remove it). Unity, the front-end Codehaus site renderer, renders static content under /constant/ folder the same way as regularly for Confluence content.