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The module is actually composed by the gt-coverage-api module and several plugins to access multidimensional data such as, NetCDF, Grib and HDF4.
All of them leverage on the Unidata NetCDF Java Library 4. (Actually supported formats: NetCDF and GRIB).

Note that this page is not an API change proposal.

Gold Star Quality Assurance Check

(red star) IP Check: An header check is required and the Header will be fixed with the pull request. The review.apt file is missing for some modules.
(red star) Releasable: A few minor issues are present.
(star) Quality Assurance: Test Coverage is at the 60%.
(star) Stability: No planned API changes.
(star) Supported: User Documentation will be updated by pull request. The mantainers are active on the mailing list.

Module overview

Coverage API

The main module of the framework is the coverage-api which This module defines an optional set of interfaces/classes to access coverage with N dimensions like Time and Elevation. Each plugin can extend the following classes in order to support a new multidimensional raster format.