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Daniele Romagnoli



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The aim of this module is to define a new coverage framework which will allow to get access to multidimensional coverages (containing also Time and Elevation dimensions).

Table of Contents

Module Status

The framework is actually composed of the main coverage-api module, the coverage-core, as well as several plugins to access multidimensional data such as, NetCDF, HDF4 and Grib1.
All of them leverage on the ImageIO-Ext 1.1 plugins which provide low-level access to multidimensional datasets by means of the Unidata NetCDF Java Library 4. (Actually supported formats: NetCDF, HDF4 (APS and Terascan Products), GRIB1)

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Module overview

Coverage API

The main module of the framework is the coverage-api which defines a set of interfaces to access coverages.

Coverage Core

This module provides default implementation for the coverage-api interfaces, as well as core objects used to handle spatio-temporal information exposed as metadata.


Actually, there are 3 plugins implementing the framework:

  • HDF4
  • GRIB1
  • NetCDF