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Extend Sonar to detect & report on cross project -projects dependencies and duplications


Java, Maven, CPD, bytecode


Sonar can fully analyse any java project analyze Java projects according to 7 quality axes : duplications, complexity distribution, design, unit tests, comments, coding best practices, potential bugs. But two Two of those axes (duplications and design) will would be more valuable if a cross-projects analysis was also done. Indeed :

  • That It is good not to don't have any duplications inside a projet project but it 's is also even better not to don't share any copy source code with another projectacross projects
  • Robert C. Martin's metrics like Instability, Abstractness and Distance doesn't mean anything when external do not mean much when ingoing and outgoing projects dependencies are not taken into account.
    The mission is : find a way to detect and report those cross projects dependencies and duplications.


Simon Brandhof, Freddy Mallet