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A simple user management library. Contains a simple user model and a couple of DAOs, profile and password management components. Current dao implementations are hibernate-based. Should happily replace osuserOSUser.

Berkano-user was started long ago, then re-used once I got disapointed with osuser. Still has a couple of old classes or ideas here and there, needs clean up and polishing.


Berkano-user defines a couple of interface for users, groups, permissions, membership management. Much like os-user does, but maybe with a more "modern" architecture.
All these are based on the principles of IOCIoC, using CDI (constructor dependency injection). I'm personally using picocontainerPicoContainer, but I believe Spring or any other ioc container should be usable as well.
You will need to declare the implementations you want to use to your container.


  • password generation strategies (can generate a random password for new users for example)
  • password encoding strategies
  • password retrieval strategies (mail current password, mail newly generated password, ...)
    All these are also based on the principles of IOCIoC/CDI.


The current db schema can be created as follows: