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The image can be any bitmap format such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp.



Code Block
titleSample IzPack installation description
<installation version="5.0"
              xsi:schemaLocation="http://izpack.org/schema/installation http://izpack.org/schema/5.0/izpack-installation-5.0.xsd">


  <guiprefs width="800" height="600" resizable="no">






Look and Feel

 The look and feel can be specified on a per-OS basis. For instance you can use the native look and feels on Win32 and OS X but use a third-party one on Unix-like platforms. To do that, you have to add some <laf> child elements to the <guiprefs> element.:

 laf: This tag specifies a look and feel. It has a name attribute that defines the look and feel name.

 Each laf element needs at least one os child element.

 Each laf element can also contain any number of param elements to customize a look and feel. A param elements has two attribues: name and value. The valid names and values will depend on the laf being described.

 The available look and feels are:



  • Kunststoff: kunststoff
  • Liquid: liquid
  • Metouia: metouia
  • JGoodies Looks: looks
  • Substance: substance
  • Windows: windows
  • Aqua: aqua
  • Metal: metal