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Code Block
  <str id="installer.quit.reversemessage" txt="Are you sure you want to cancel installation?"/>
  <str id="installer.quit.reversetitle" txt="$APP_NAME $APP_VER"/>


Adding a Splash Page

The splash key modifier is used to indicate that the installer should show a splash screen.
The value of the splash key modifer represents the minimum amount of time to show the splash screen in milliseconds.
The image should be defined as a resource with the id of Splash.image.
The image can be any bitmap format such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp.
Note: Older installers using the <splash> tag will find that their splash image no longer appears. Please adapt this new syntax.

Code Block
titleSample IzPack installation description
<installation version="5.0"
              xsi:schemaLocation="http://izpack.org/schema/installation http://izpack.org/schema/5.0/izpack-installation-5.0.xsd">


  <guiprefs width="800" height="600" resizable="no">
	 <!-- Show the splashScreen for a minimum of 1000 milliseconds -->	
	 <modifier key="useSplashScreen" value="1000"/>	

    <!--Define the splash screen image as a reading just like a heading image -->
    <res id="Splash.image" src="images/splash.png"/>