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  • Mandatory plugins:
    • .NET Core: defines API used by every other plugin of in the ecosystem.
    • C# Core: parses C# code source, computes metrics, detects duplications, etc.
  • Optional plugins adding features from external tools:
    • .NET FxCop: runs FxCop to detect issues related to potential bugs, tight coupling, globalization, etc.
    • .NET Gendarme: runs Gendarme to detect issues related to bad coding bad practices, code smell detection, performance, etc.
    • .NET Gallio: runs Gallio to execute unit/integration tests as well as a code coverage tool (PartCover or OpenCover or NCover or ...).
    • .NET NDeps: runs a dependency parser tool, built on Mono Cecil, to get dependency data between assemblies and classes. 
    • C# StyleCop: runs StyleCop to detect issues mainly related to coding style (formatting, comments, ...).


Installing Silverlight Framework (optional)

If your projects embeds embed Silverlight code, Silverlight has to be installed. Depending on your projects, install the right version(s) of Silverlight. Then, log in as a System administrator and go to Settings > General Settings > .NET and set the sonar.silverlight.X.mscorlib.location properties: absolute path to the core assembly for Silverlight X framework.



Install required if corresponding plugin is installed?


Supported version (Tested one in bold)



Requires .NET SDK 4.0 to be installed. However, the installer
for FxCop was somehow omitted from the 64-bit .iso.

How to pull the installer out of one of the complete iso's:  

1.36+ (10.0)


NO, StyleCop binaries are embedded in the plugin.

4.6+ (4.7)


NO, Gendarme binaries are embedded in the plugin.

2.10+ (2.10)



3.1 Update 2 + (3.2.3)


YES if you want to use PartCover as the coverage engine.
Since PartCover is no longer maintained, OpenCover is preferred.
(click on the "Downloads" button)

2.2, 2.3 and 4.0 (4.0)


YES if you want to use NCover as the coverage engine

3.0 (3.0)
Version 4 is currently not supported. 


YES if you want to use OpenCover as the coverage engine.

Requires .NET SDK 4.0 to be installed.

1.0.X, 2.0.X, 4.0.X (4.0.1118)

JetBrains dotCoverYES if you want to use dotCover as the coverage engine., 2.X (1.2 & 2.0)
NDepsNO, binaries are embedded in the plugin.