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This is the id of the user input panel for which this specification should be used. This id links to the panel specification in the install.xml file.

String Value



Sets the alignment of fields used in the panelThere are three general layout rules this panel uses, they are left, center and right. While i think left is most commonly used, you might want to experiment with this attribute and see which you like best. The default is left.

left, center, right default: left



Normally the user input is shown with a small border. To prevent this border set this attribute to false.

true, false default: true



This can be used to set the column width of the two column layout. This value is in percent of the whole size. If it is set to 0, which is the default, the with will be set automatically. It it is set to 50 the gap between the left and right column is in the middle of the panel. This makes it possible to make a centered layout.

0-100 percent default: 0

summaryKeynoId of a string that represents what header name to display in the SummaryPanel of the UserInputPanel. This attribute must be defined if you would like to summarize the UserInputPanel. Note that you will have to add the summaryKey attribute to the fields you would like those to show up in the SummaryPanel as well.String Value

Each panel can have a number of visible elements, fields.