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Comment: new projects


Unit tests are very useful to find and isolate bugs. They are also essential for refactoring because they help to prevent the introduction of bugs. The unit tests should be runnable from an IDE and integrated into the existing test infrastructure. This project could also be motivated by a refactoring effort in a part of the RVM.

Interested Mentors: TBD Andreas Sewe

Modularize the Jikes RVM

Currently there is a connection between different parts of the RVM that is less than desirable. We would like to have better isolation of components to more easily allow plug in replacements to be created. Such changes are likely to have an effect across the code base, so interacting with the development community will be important.

Previous research in modularity of JVMs includes the Maxine project from Oracle.

Interested Mentors: TBD Andreas Sewe

Java Management Extensions (JMX)


Andrew John Hughes worked on a JMX implementation for GSoC 2007.

Interested Mentors: TBD

OpenJDK Class Library Integration

Jikes RVM presently runs with the GNU Classpath and Apache Harmony Java standard library implementations. However development has stalled on both these projects. We would like to get Jikes RVM running with the OpenJDK class library. This would give us better API coverage for running benchmarks, and also make us much more future-proof.

Interested Mentors: Steve Blackburn  

Runtime Services

Implement (a subset of) the JVM Tool Interface (JVMTI)

The JVMTI is the part of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture that JVMs can implement to provide debugging capabilities. The Jikes RVM currently does not have a complete implementation of the JVMTI but James Bornholt has developed a partial implementation for GSoC 2011. His code is availabe on the GSoC repository for 2011. This project would finish his implementation and get it ready for the mainline.

Interested Mentors: TBD Steve Blackburn