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  • the recently inspected projects
  • the projects with blocker and critical issues
  • the projects with bad coverage on added/changed code within the 10 past days
  • etc.

The search query can then be saved as a filter to be displayed on dashboards.

The Measures service can be accessed through the top bar:


Then by clicking on Change Columns (for list display) or Change Treemap (for treemap display), display details can be configured: list of measures (value or variation), ordering of the columns, sort, etc.


titleLimitation on variations

Note that variations cannot be displayed at file level (as all previous data are purged at file level during an analysis).

By default, data are also purged at package/module level. Thus variations cannot be displayed at this level by default. To change this behavior, log in as an a System administrator, go to Settings > General Settings > Database Cleaner and set the Clean history data of directories/packages propertypackages property to true.


Saving Search Query as Filter