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  • Version 2.4 moves Java from being an "ecosystem" of multiple plugins to a single, stand-along plugin that encompasses most of the functionality formerly contained in the ecosystem. Unfortunately, SonarQube's update center cannot handle the switch gracefully. You may use the update center to download the new version of the plugin. However, you must manually remove the Surefire, JaCoCo, and Squid for Java plugins from $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins.
  • FindBugs has been split off into an independent, optional plugin. To continue using it, upgrade to version 2.54.

Version 2.2

It is no longer possible to let SonarQube drive the execution of the unit tests. You now have to generate the JUnit and code coverage (JaCoCo or Cobertura or Clover) reports prior to the SonarQube analysis and then feed SonarQube with those reports.