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Since IzPack 5.0

All Windows systems block executable files that are currently in use, as device drivers, EXE, DLL and even JAR files. Normally, a running application is to be shut down before such files can be overwritten, for instance by an IzPack installer. This might fit most of the use cases IzPack is used with.

There can be situations where the application cannot be shut down at the installation time, but has to be updated anyway. This is where this new feature comes into the game.


Lets start with an example of install.xml:


Code Block
<installation version="1.0">
  <native type="izpack" name="SetupAPI.dll">
    <os family="windows"/>
    <pack name="Core files" required="yes">
      <description>The core files needed for this test</description>
       override="true" blockable="auto"/>



For a complete specification of the according elements and attributes see the documentation of <rebootaction> in the Header - <info> and the blockable attribute in one of the elements <file><fileset> or or <singlefile>.