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You are prompted to give the name of the new profile. It must be unique among profile names. The new profile is an exact copy of the original profile, including inheritance (parent) relationships and alerts

Renaming a Profile

Click on the Rename button. You are prompted to give the new name of the profile.


The profile backup mechanism downloads a profile's rules and alerts to rules to an XML file on your machine. It does not preserve projects assignments and profile inheritance relationships, but inherited rules are included in the backup.

The backup/restore mechanism is useful for:

  • Promoting the coding rules and alerts in a quality profile from a staging environment to a production environment.
  • Sharing a quality profile with outsourced subcontractors who cannot access your SonarQube platform.


Click on the Delete button. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
Deleting  Deleting a quality profile will delete the alerts defined in the profile and will remove the will remove the association with projects. If nothing else is done, the default profile is used to perform the next analysis on the (ex-) associated projects.