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Description / Features

The plugin provides smooth integration between Visual Studio and SonarQube. It reads solution (*.sln) and project (*.csproj, *.vbproj) files to automatically configure many of the required analysis parameters.


This plugin does not require Visual Studio to be installed.


Once installed, this plugin is enabled globally or on a project-by-project basis via the project settings: Configuration > Settings > Visual Studio Bootstrapper > Enable the analysis bootstrapping or in your properties file by setting sonar.visualstudio.enable=true.

Once enabled, it is invoked in the analysis of projects containing a .sln file. Note that a file is still required to specify the basic project configuration.

Custom output paths (applies only if you want to use FxCop / Code Analysis which require assemblies)

By default, assemblies will be sought in the relevant binary directories of each project. If assemblies exist for multiple build configurations, the most recent ones will be used. To specify an alternate location for the solution binaries, set Configuration > Settings > Visual Studio Bootstrapper > Assemblies output paths, or set the sonar.visualstudio.outputPaths in the file.

Test projects

Test projects can be imported as unit test code (which is not analyzed by coding rules) using the regular expression property "sonar.visualstudio.testProjectPattern".

You can pass per-project settings by prefixing the properties by the project name, for example setting the "Tests.sonar.cs.vstest.reportsPaths" will set the Visual Studio Test Execution Results report to be used only by the project named "Tests".

Exclude projects from the analysis

You can fully exclude specific projects from the analysis by setting the "sonar.visualstudio.skippedProjects" property to a comma-separated list of project names to skip.

Project names containing accents or whitespaces

Accents are stripped from the project name, and whitespaces are replaced by underscores. Hence, if you want to skip the project named "über cool", you will need to set "sonar.visualstudio.skippedProjects=uber_cool".