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  • Thanks to multi-language support, several Quality profiles can be enabled for the same project at the same time. Injecting the class org.sonar.api.profiles.RulesProfile in batch extensions does not make sense anymore. The list of active rules is available through the new class org.sonar.api.batch.rule.ActiveRules. See org.sonar.api.batch.rule.internal.ActiveRulesBuilder for your unit tests.
  • Write CSV, JSON and XML documents without coupling on any third-party library and in a performant way (streaming) :
    • org.sonar.api.utils.text.CsvWriter
    • org.sonar.api.utils.text.JsonWriter
    • org.sonar.api.utils.text.XmlWriter
      For information the next step is to provide the related readers.
  • New class org.sonar.api.utils.System2. It aims to improve testability of classes that interact with low-level system methods. See example in Javadoc.


  • Prototype.js and Scriptaculous.js are deprecated and will be dropped in 4.3. Please replace usages with jQuery. To prevent conflicts, jQuery uses "$j" and Prototype.js uses "$".