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Release 4.4


  • Saving measures in a PostJob has no effect. PostJob should be considered as a read only step.

Release 4.3

Plugin Development

Deployment of plugins under development is a bit faster with the command mvn package org.codehaus.sonar:sonar-dev-maven-plugin:1.8:upload -DsonarHome=/path/to/install. JAR file is deployed and server is quickly restarted. It requires the development mode to be enabled on server (add in conf/


  • Classes JavaClass and JavaPackage, deprecated in 4.2, throw exceptions when being used.

Release 4.2


Version 4.2 introduces a major feature that required deep internal refactoring : support of multiple languages in the same project or sub-project. No new API was developed but it requires some changes on existing plugins. Some usages of API must be replaced. It does not require to upgrade the minimum required version of SonarQube. It can still be 3.7 for example. By following these rules, a plugin should be compatible with SonarQube 3.7+ and should support multi-language feature. The only exception is for plugins working on Java files. For these plugins there is no way to support at the same time 4.2 and prior versions because JavaFile/JavaPackage are no more supported in 4.2: