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Functions and methods in boo are first class objects whose type exposes some very useful methods:

  • Invoke(<function args>) as <function return type>: invokes the function synchronously (pretty much the same as using () in front of the function name)
  • BeginInvoke(<function args, > callback as AsyncCallback, asyncState) as IAsyncResult: invokes the function asynchronously and returns a handle that can be used to check the status of the execution as well as recovering the return value
  • BeginInvoke(<function args, > callback as AsyncCallback) as IAsyncResult: the same as above without the asyncState parameter
  • EndInvoke(asyncResult as IAsyncResult) as <function return type>: finishes an asynchronous invocation returning the final value

Invoke in action:

Code Block

See Asynchronous Design Pattern for examples of BeginInvoke/EndInvoke in action.