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... - weighing the pros and cons of a decision using the social network. - NAIPickard real estate company new website. Built on Grails-based CMS engine. - BSkyB's new showbiz website - Web 2.0 RSS feed and Twitter mashup - foodtube - London restaurant guide and booking service - PEP Stores, a large retail chain based in Southern Africa
Children's Book Club- Book club intended as a gift to be given to children. - UK high-profile fruit juice brand - UK site for leading orange juice brand - Children's drink brand
Chiumento - A top London-based HR consultancy - A reality TV social voting system - A SMS communications portal - A Groovy new sites - A blog aggregator written in Grails, source code available! - Archive site - - The errata site for Groovy in Action - A Spanish Groovy portal  - A german community site about renewable energy and environment - A blog aggregator for anything related to Rich Internet Applications
WorkBoard - A Facebook application developed by Fuzzle Media to post service classifieds - Catalogue your favourite films, commenting and tagging as you go - Job rating community - Germanys most famous shopping guide - A free web service to build S5 slideshows - A German business site providing professional trainings and workshops (Bechtle company) - A Brazillian entertainment web site with 1 million pages views/month. - A German survey tool about agile software development (it-agile) - Music and Podcasts for Independent Travellers with iPods - Web application which allow to manage a huge quantity of machines, networks and environments. - A german business site that offers mobile umts flatrates for rental on a weekly basis.
Bene Facere - A french easy to use CMS to create and manage web site contents. - A multi-media website that showcases the music group El Charco of Austin, TX. - A Personal Finance Web App.

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