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Comment: minor improvements to the information about non-standard options


You may choose from a myriad of options for the rvm command-line. Options fall into two categories: standard and non-standard. Non-standard options are preceded by "-X:" and differ between virtual machines (e.g. Jikes RVM's options may not be available in HotSpot and vice-versa).

Standard Command-Line Options


The non standard command-line options are grouped according to the subsystem that they control. The following sections list the available options in each group.

Note that the non-standard options may change from one release to another. To get a definite list, use the -X option and related options (e.g. -X:gc) on the image that you have built.

Core Non-Standard Command-Line Options




Print out additional lowlevel information for GC and hardware trap handling


Print out additional information while VM is booting, using verbosity level <number>


Write standard error message to <filename>


Read boot image code from <filename>


Read boot image data from <filename>


Read boot image ref map from <filename>


Load the* and java.* classes from <path>


The number of processors that the garbage collector will use