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  • The <stylesheet> parameter has a different meaning. If the GmlRendererOL widget is directly connected to a WFS FeatureCollection model, it is not needed at all. Otherwise, a stylesheet to transform the data to a WFS FeatureCollection has to be provided here.
  • The new <featureSRS> property tells the renderer the source projection of the features from the model. Based on this information, features can be reprojected to the map projection.
  • SLD documents can now be used directly to render the GML features. For that, a StyledLayerDescriptor model has to be present in the config. The config property <sldModel> refers to that sld document. The properties <defaultStyleName> and <selectStyleName> refer to <UserStyle> names in the sld document that will be used to render features or selected features. NOTE: All this will only work if the sld document has a <NamedLayer> with the same name as the id of the GmlRendererOL widget (e.g. if you have <GmlRendererOL id="gmlRenderer">, your sld needs to have <NamedLayer><Name>gmlRenderer</Name></NamedLayer).

Different configuration for MapContainer widgets