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BTM is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. You must agree with all the terms of the license before you can use this software.

You will need JDK 1.4 or higher to use BTM. Older JDK versions are not supported.

Latest version

BTM 1.3 (released 2008-08-18).

New features and bugs fixed in this release
  • BTM-4 Implement incremental recovery
  • BTM-7 Resource password is not decrypted when using the API
  • BTM-8 Durable subscribers cannot participate in XA
  • BTM-9 BitronixTransactionManager JNDI reference throws NPE on toString()
  • BTM-10 Race condition in connection pools when lazily initialized
  • BTM-11 Implement an embedded JNDI provider that allows to retrieve the TM and configured resources in a more standard way
  • BTM-12 add maven support
  • BTM-13 Implement ordering of XAResource during 2PC execution
  • BTM-14 Need the ability to have BTM invoke specific methods on JDBC connection upon return to the pool
  • BTM-17 Set tx status to marked_rollback on timeout
  • BTM-18 Invoke XAResource.setTransactionTimeout() when a resource is enlisted
  • BTM-19 No effect by setting auto-commit to false on LrcConnectionHandle
  • BTM-20 XAResourceManager incorrectly checking resource joinability
  • BTM-21 Differing journal-file lengths cause BTM to fail to start even if skipCorrectedLogs is true
  • BTM-22 Resource rollback not handled properly
  • Dropped all deprecated classes and methods.
  • Shutdown hook is not registered anymore when the TM starts up. It is now mandatory to shut it down manually.
  • Fixed incorrect transaction manager startup while using pools when BTM is not started.
  • Moved CryptoEngine to, kept but deprecated it.
  • Resource Loader cannot bind to JNDI anymore (no more needed, see: BTM-11), this obsoletes property.
  • Transaction timeout logic has been rationalized, this obsoletes property.
  • Lowered statement cache overhead when it is disabled.
  • Fixed bug in the double LRC enlistment check that prevented safe cases from working.
  • Upgraded JTA and JMS jars to the latest 1.4-compiled version.
  • Added new configuration property 'journal' that allows to switch between the classic 'disk' journal and a new non-logging 'null' journal.
  • Upgraded SLF4J to version 1.5.2.
  • Fixed lots of misc bugs.

Archived versions

BTM 1.2 (released 2008-01-27).

New features and bugs fixed in this release
  • BTM-6 Support for JMS credentials
  • BTM-5 pooling of prepared statements / statement cache
  • BTM-3 Upgrade to latest version of SLF4J
  • BTM-2 error not reported when XAResource.recover() call fails

BTM 1.1 (released 2007-10-05).

New features and bugs fixed in this release
  • Made pooled objects unwrappable.
  • Implemented dynamic pool size. Pools (both JDBC and JMS) can now grow and shrink.
  • Fixed bug BTM-1 (error delisting resource error with Oracle 9).
  • Implemented keepConnectionOpenUntilAfter2Pc in PoolingDataSource (required to support IBM DB2).
  • Added resource password encryption capability.

BTM 1.0.1 (released 2007-09-06).

New features and bugs fixed in this release
  • BTM-1 error delisting resource error with Oracle 9

BTM 1.0 (released 2007-08-08).

New features and bugs fixed in this release
  • Initial BTM release.

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