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There appears to be a few efforts to get Scala to work with Maven, so I thought it would be useful to collect all the ideas here and see what code is currently available. Once that is done I would be happy to review any of the plugins and maybe we can collect them into one project, give everyone access who participated and make one decent toolchain for Scala.

If folks put their names here and where there implementations are I'll review the code and make some suggestions for improvements and what might be merged. Probably wouldn't be too hard to make something decent quickly.

Maven And Scala Community

The Google Group

The Current Goal/Task List

Maven And Scala Community Related Projects

    • Status - production
    • Goals
      • Integrate the Scala compiler into the maven lifecycle
      • Integrate the Scala console with maven's dependency resolution
      • Integrate Scala documentation generation with the doxia
    • scm:   git://
    • contributors:
      • David Bernard
      • David Pollak
      • Jesse Eichar
      • Arnaud Bailly
      • Josh Suereth
    • Status - alpha
    • Goals
      • Enable scala-defined Mojos to execute within a maven lifecycle
    • scm: git://
    • contributors:
      • Josh Suereth
Eclipse Maven Scala Integration (ESMi)
    • Status - planning
    • Goals
      • Integration with IAM and SDT
      • Integration with M2E and SDT
    • Project Page:
    • Note: Currently Inactive.  All active efforts are being directed at SDT patches and maven-scala-plugin patches
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