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Documentation for Cargo version in development


The documentation you'll find on this site is for the latest development version of Cargo (not released yet). The documentation for the relased versions of Cargo is available on the Downloads page.


Cargo is a thin wrapper around existing containers (e.g. J2EE containers). It provides different APIs to easily manipulate containers.

Cargo provides the following APIs:

  • A Java API to start/stop/configure Java Containers and deploy modules into them. We also offer Ant tasks, Maven 1, Maven 2 plugins. Intellij IDEA and Netbeans plugins are in the sandbox.
  • A Java API to parse/create/merge J2EE Modules

Check the utilisation page to understand what you can use Cargo for.

Development Status

Current Versions

click in the status column to get release notes:




Core 0.9


Released on 10/03/07

Maven2 plugin 0.3


Released on 10/03/07

Ant and Maven1 plugin 0.9


Released on 10/03/07

All released versions are available here.

Container Support

The pages for Codehaus Cargo have moved.

Click here to go to the new Codehaus Cargo page for Containers


Say hello to CARGO 1.4.13!

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

We are happy to present to you CARGO version 1.4.13. This version comes with the below bug fixes and improvements:

To try it out:

We hope you enjoy this new version of CARGO!

CARGO 1.4.12 is ready!

Dear CARGO enthusiasts

CARGO's first version for 2015, version 1.4.12, is now ready! This version comes with the below bug fixes and improvements:

  • Core API:
    • When starting containers on Java 8, the warning ignoring option PermSize=48m; support was removed in 8.0 doesn't appear anymore [CARGO-1294]
    • AbstractDeployer.stop(Deployable, DeployableMonitor) now calls stop(Deployable) as it should [CARGO-1296]
    • A bug where starting a stopped module over JSR88 has been fixed [CARGO-1295]
    • The timeout of the AbstractJsr88Deployer is now configurable [CARGO-1299]
  • Containers:
    • The access denied message when re- and undeploying on Tomcat 7 and 8 has been fixed [CARGO-1298]
    • The GlassFish remote deployer now supports the target parameter [CARGO-1291]
    • The WebSphere admin commands now use -conntype NONE, which means the WebSphere deployers do not require the container to be started anymore [CARGO-1297]
  • Extensions:

To try it out:

We hope you enjoy this new version of CARGO!

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