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  • Brainstorming: May 11th-13th 2009
  • Code spikes: May 13th-15th 2009


Paris, France


  • Brainstorming
    • Paul King
    • Dierk König
    • Guillaume Laforge
    • Peter Niederwieser
    • Jochen Theodorou
  • Code spikes
    • Paul King
    • Guillaume Laforge
    • Jochen Theodorou


The topics will range between the next coming versions of Groovy: namely Groovy 1.7 and Groovy 2.0. The main highlights will be the following:

Groovy 1.7

  • Modularity of Groovy — Paul King
  • Pattern matching — Guillaume Laforge
  • Combinator parsers — Guillaume Laforge
  • Anonymous Inner Classes / Nested Classes — Jochen Theodorou
  • Review Hamlet's GEP 2 - AST Builder Support
  • DCVS for groovy
  • Other potential topics to be discussed
    • The native launcher
    • Groovy's web service support
    • ...

Groovy 2.0

  •  Discuss the design of a new Meta-Object Protocol
    • handling of access to private methods/fields/properties
    • general missing property/method handling (order of lookup, what extension points)
    • are invokeMethod and get/setProperty on GroovyObject still needed? What was their purpose in the first place and how did they develop?
    • How does EMC allow extension to invokeMethod and get/setProperty logics? (see for example And should that be kept, or is it intelligent to do so?
    • How to isolate meta class registries? Is that a good thing, is it not needed? How does for example Ruby handle this?
    • How easily give any created and not yet created meta class a change? How to isolate such actions?


 Meeting notes.

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