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Compatibility with Sonar




Plugin 0.1



Plugin 0.2




Description / Features

Emma is an Open Source and robust code coverage tool. By default, Sonar is delivered with Cobertura and Clover plugins but if you prefer Emma you just have to install this plugin and go back to your favorite practice : the test driven development.

Usage & Installation

  1. Copy the jar into /extensions/plugins/ directory
  2. Restart Sonar Web server

To activate Emma on all projects :

  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Go to Configuration -> Settings -> General
  3. Set the property "Code coverage plugin" to "emma"

To activate Emma on selected projects :

  1. Add the property 'sonar.core.codeCoveragePlugin=emma' when executing the maven plugin. This can be set in pom.xml or in command line.

Known limitations

The XML report generated by Emma doesn't contain detailed information about the coverage of each line of code. So, when using this plugin, the "Coverage" tab in the Sonar source code viewer doesn't display coverageinformation.


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2401 Support the property Simon Brandhof Simon Brandhof Major Closed Fixed Oct 29, 2012 Dec 20, 2012
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2368 Upgrade to Sonar 3.0 API Julien HENRY Julien HENRY Minor Closed Fixed Oct 22, 2012 Dec 20, 2012
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-2146 Emma - can't use old binary format Unassigned Bartlomiej Budz Major Closed Duplicate Aug 13, 2012 Aug 14, 2012
Bug SONARPLUGINS-1318 The name of the Emma .ec report file is hardcoded and must be "" Sébastien Alonzo Freddy Mallet Major Closed Fixed Aug 17, 2011 Sep 08, 2011
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-1297 Re-using EMMA coverage data generated by TeamCity Unassigned Matthias Nemeth Major Closed Duplicate Jul 30, 2011 Sep 08, 2011
Bug SONARPLUGINS-1208 Emma description for report file references and xml file in Sonar UI Unassigned Josh Figler Trivial Closed Fixed Jun 13, 2011 Jul 14, 2011
Bug SONARPLUGINS-1206 Emma: Embedded error: Can not add twice the same measure on javax.annotation.javax.annotation Unassigned Frits Jalvingh Major Closed Cannot Reproduce Jun 12, 2011 Jul 10, 2011
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-1149 The Sonar Emma plugin can't be used with the Sonar Ant or Java runners Evgeny Mandrikov Freddy Mallet Major Closed Fixed May 05, 2011 Jul 14, 2011
Bug SONARPLUGINS-1090 Sonar Emma Plugin reporting 0.0% coverage Unassigned Jon Lachelt Major Closed Not A Bug Apr 14, 2011 Aug 17, 2011
Task SONARPLUGINS-810 Change plugin key to comply with standards Unassigned Olivier Gaudin Major Closed Fixed Nov 14, 2010 Nov 14, 2010
Bug SONARPLUGINS-779 Emma with Sonar v2.2 doesn't work Unassigned Mikael Lejdstrom Critical Closed Duplicate Nov 02, 2010 Nov 02, 2010
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-736 Update to EMMA 2.1 Evgeny Mandrikov Zankya Zankya Major Closed Fixed Oct 18, 2010 Jan 03, 2011
Task SONARPLUGINS-673 Migrate to sonar-dev-maven-plugin from sonar-dev-mojo for integration tests Evgeny Mandrikov Evgeny Mandrikov Major Closed Fixed Sep 13, 2010 Nov 14, 2010
Bug SONARPLUGINS-655 Exception while uploading the emma report from Hudson (non maven project) to Sonar Evgeny Mandrikov Zankya Zankya Major Closed Duplicate Sep 01, 2010 Dec 31, 2010
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-592 Make the plugin compatible with Sonar 2.2 Evgeny Mandrikov Olivier Gaudin Major Closed Fixed Jul 23, 2010 Jul 24, 2010
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-294 Make the plugin propagate metrics to all levels Evgeny Mandrikov Olivier Gaudin Major Closed Fixed Nov 30, 2009 Jul 24, 2010
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-293 Make Emma compliant with Sonar 1.11 (branch coverage) Olivier Gaudin Olivier Gaudin Major Closed Won't Fix Nov 30, 2009 Jul 26, 2010
Bug SONARPLUGINS-270 Switch of excluded/included sources for emma plugin Olivier Gaudin Julien HENRY Major Closed Fixed Oct 26, 2009 Jul 24, 2010
Bug SONARPLUGINS-269 Error using Emma plugin: Can not execute Sonar Unassigned Julien HENRY Major Closed Not A Bug Oct 23, 2009 Oct 26, 2009
Bug SONARPLUGINS-176 Add a check to only run on Java projects Simon Brandhof Olivier Gaudin Major Closed Fixed Aug 12, 2009 Aug 28, 2009
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