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FEST's source code is now hosted at github.

Now we have a separate git repository per module in FEST:

github provides pretty good instructions on how to get started with git.

The EasyMock template is not under development any more. It will stay in CodeHaus' SVN repository. Please follow these instructions kindly provided by Jan Zuchhold:

  • Tools used: Debian, Eclipse 3.4.2, Maven 2.2.0, Subversion 1.5.x
  • Checkout all FEST projects, ignoring "tags" and "m2" directories, using Subversion 1.5 sparse checkouts:

    cd <eclipse-workspace>
    svn checkout --depth=files fest-svn

    cd fest-svn
    svn update eclipse fest-assembly fest-assert fest-javafx fest-maven-site fest-mocks fest-reflect fest-swing fest-swing-junit fest-swing-junit-4.3.1 fest-swing-junit-4.5 fest-swing-junit-test fest-swing-testng fest-test fest-util

  • Resolve project dependencies, to fill local maven2 repository

    <fest-svn>$ for PROJECT in fest*; do cd $PROJECT; mvn dependency:resolve;
    cd ..; done

  • Import projects from fest-svn directory into Eclipse using

    File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace

  • Create a working set named "FEST" of all the fest* projects
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  1. If you're using eclipse, you'll need the m2eclipse plugin installed