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GumTree is

  • a cross-platform scientific workbench
  • a front-end for instrument control and data analysis
  • an open source Eclipse Rich Client Platform project
  • an OGSi enabled middleware server to provide centralised access to the instrument system

GumTree is an open source and multi-platform graphical user interface for performing neutron scattering and X-ray experiments. It handles the complete experiment life cycle from instrument calibration, data acquisition, and real time data analysis to results publication. The aim of the GumTree Project is to create a highly Integrated Scientific Experiment Environment (ISEE), allowing interconnectivity and data sharing between different distributed components such as motors, detectors, user proposal database and data analysis server. GumTree is being adapted to several instrument control server systems such as TANGO, EPICS and SICS, providing an easy-to-use front-end for users and simple-to-extend model for software developers. The design of GumTree is aimed to be reusable and configurable for any scientific instrument. GumTree will be adapted to six neutron beam instruments for the OPAL reactor at ANSTO.


GumTree Platform Project Application Platform
GumTree Platform Project Instrument Supports

GumTree Platform Project Scientific Frameworks
GumTree Platform Project Scientific Libraries


User Documentaions
Getting Started
User Guide

Developer Documentaions
Developer Guide

Latest news

Gumtree 1.9.0 Released
Major feature updates:
  1. Automatic GUI support for scripting in Python language.
  2. Plotting feature updated.
  3. GitHub support for Gumtree workspace.
  4. Python scripts for instrument control and data
New Feature
  • [GUMTREE-1006] - Move up version number in the build system to 1.9.0
  • [GUMTREE-970] - Sync validation server with the real instrument
Download Gumtree 1.9.0

Gumtree 1.8.0 released

The first beta release of 1.8.x is now available from Codehaus.  This release contains the upgrade Eclipse 4 RCP workbench, as well as GitHub connector for downloading customised experiment / analysis scripts.

Contact Information

Technical Questions: Send email to the developers' mailing list

Project Collaboration Issues: Contact Tony @ ANSTO

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