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Configures your container in a specific directory


The standalone configuration allows configuring your container so that it is setup to start in a directory you choose (see the configuration page for more general explanations).

Whenever you configure or start a container which uses a standalone configuration, Cargo will:

The reason for this behavior is reproducibility which is for example very useful for automated testing. If you wanted to keep a generated configuration you could ask Cargo to generate a standalone configuration once and then consider it an existing configuration.

Support Matrix







Java API

There are different ways of using a standalone configuration:

  • By directly instantiating the configuration matching your container. For example:
  • By using the DefaultConfigurationFactory which automatically maps the right implementation for the container you're using. For example:

Ant Task

Maven2 Plugin

Note that the standalone configuration is the default for the Maven 2 plugin so specifying only the following would also work:

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