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Releasing a plugin

In order to release a plugin, you need to have commit access to the SONAR-PLUGINS forge. If not, ask for it on dev mailing-list.

Prepare to Release

  • Make sure the wiki page is up to date
  • All JIRA issues included in the release should be closed
  • Plugin must be documented and preferably have tests
  • run mvn deploy in order to publish the snapshot version for tests

Prepare for the first release

When a plugin is ready to have its first release, you should do the following :

  1. Set the <scm> tag in the pom :
  2. Check that group id is org.codehaus.sonar-plugins in pom.xml, but not org.codehaus.sonar.plugins
  3. Set your Codehaus username/password in Maven settings.xml :

Call a Vote

Before a release can occur, a vote typically takes place. This is initiated with an email to the dev mailing list with a link to the snapshot version, preferably with a subject that starts with [VOTE]. Explain the plugin, status and any other info you feel relevant. The standard is to wait 72 hours for responses. This gives other developers time to verify the validity of the plugin before placing their vote. Votes are represented as numbers between -1 and +1, with -1 meaning 'no' and +1 meaning 'yes.'

Only Sonar plugin commiters can vote. To pass, a vote should :

  • have a minimum of three +1
  • have no -1

Perform the Release

  1. Close the vote on the dev mailing list
  2. Execute the maven-release-plugin, use default values :
  3. Update the plugin page with new version info (the jar file is available under
  4. Update the Changelog using the jiraissues macro
  5. Release the version in JIRA
  6. Announce the release on Sonar user mailing-list
  7. Twit it (big grin)
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