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Upcoming Presentations

Please see the Events section.

Find below the slides from past GPars presentations

Introduction to Multithreaded Programing with GPars, presented at Gr8Conf US 2014 by Jon DeJong

GPars - a how-to guide, presented at Gr8Conf EU 2013, Copenhagen, dk, by Václav Pech ( Recording )

GPars workshop at Gr8Conf EU 2013, Copenhagen, dk, by Václav Pech and Russel Winder

Pick the low-hanging concurrency fruit at DevConf 2013 by Václav Pech

GPars vs. wild by Aurélien Maury at Groovy & Grails eXchange 2012

Groovy and Concurrency with GPars presentation by Paul King

Groovy concurrency with GPars presentation at Devoxx 2011 by Václav Pech

GPars: Parallelism the Right Way Lightning talk at LJC Unconference 2011 by Russel Winder

Unleash your pocessor(s) at GoTo Prague 2011 by Václav Pech

GPars concurrency at GoTo Prague 2011 by Václav Pech

Just Keep Sending the Messages at JAXLondon 2011 by Russel Winder

GPars for Groovy developers at GR8Conf Europe 2011 by Václav Pech

GPars For Beginners for the Boston Grails Users' Group - May 25, 2011 by Matt Passell

GPars - pick the low hanging concurrency fruit at GeeCON 2011 by Václav Pech

Groovy and Concurrency at Strange Loop Conference 2010 by Paul King

GPars - Parallel programming concepts for the JVM in Groovy at Jazoon 2010 by Dierk König ( Recording )

GPars presentation at JFokus 2010, Stockholm by Václav Pech

Parallelism: The JVM Rocks at ACCU 2010 by Russel Winder

GPars concepts explained by Václav Pech

Recorded Presentations

Approachable Concurrency for the JVM with Groovy Parallel Systems at GOTO Conf 2011 Aarhus by Dierk König

In The Brain of Dierk König: Concurrent programming for you and me at SkillsMatter March 15, 2011 by Dierk König

Unleash your processor(s) at javaZone 2010 by Václav Pech

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