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New features and improvements in Groovy 1.7:

  • Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Static Classes
  • Annotation enhancements
  • Grape enhancements
  • Power Asserts
  • AST enhancements: AST Viewer and AST Builder
  • Ability to customize the Groovy Truth
  • Dependency upgrades
  • Rewrite of GroovyScriptEngine
  • GroovyConsole enhancements
  • SQL batch updates and transactions
  • More details: (draft) Groovy 1.7 release

New features and improvements in Groovy 1.6:

  • Great runtime performance improvements
  • Multiple assignments- optional return in if/else and try/catch blocks
  • AST transformations and all the provided transformation annotations like @Singleton, @Lazy, @Immutable, @Delegate and friends
  • The Grape module and dependency system and its @Grab transformation
  • Various Swing builder improvements, thanks to the Swing / Griffon ( team
  • As well as several Swing console improvements
  • The integration of JMX builder
  • JSR-223 scripting engine built-in
  • Various metaprogramming improvements, like the EMC DSL, per-instance metaclasses even for POJOs, and runtime mixins
  • More details: Infoq

New features and improvements in Groovy 1.5:

  • Integrates Java 5 features: annotations, generics, static imports and enums
  • New meta-programming capabilities
  • A few syntax enhancements have also found their way into it to help ease the development of Domain-Specific Languages
  • Groovy's Swing builder support, to help you build Swing UIs, has almost completely been rewritten and spiced up with several useful additions
  • A great attention to performance improvements made this new version much
  • A joint Java / Groovy compiler to let you mix and match Groovy and Java classes in the same compilation step
  • A GroovyDoc equivalent to JavaDoc lets you document your Groovy classes
  • A rewritten interactive shell is now really interactive and provides useful command completions for making you more productive
  • The Groovy Swing console has also been improved
  • More details: Infoq
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