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Current roadmap and release plans

This page is a working document and an attempt to capture the development plan at the right granularity level to be useful for users but not too detailed to be always out-of-date. JIRA is the final source of truth. Once we have exact plans for a release of a particular module, we can list it on the JIRA-roadmapped release section below.

We will do point (or bug-fix) releases in short intervals. We guarantee that point releases are backwards compatible with the same minor version. Feature requests generally bump up the minor version number. Major version number is reserved for communicating version compatibility with Tapestry 5.x's minor versions in case they are not backwards compatible.

JIRA-roadmapped release schedule

(no major ones at the moment)

See JIRA roadmap for minor and supporting module release dates

Module or feature specific roadmap notes

Examples release roadmap

We have a decent set of examples but only conversations example is published and running live on GAE. For persistence related examples, the issue is that GAE doesn't (yet) support JPA2. The examples module needs to be broken up. Simple should be moved back to tapestry-model since it's not a user-friendly example and it's used for running model integration tests anyway. Recipe should be a full-featured example module, demonstrating usage of seedentity and security in addition to model.

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