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Tynamo is model-driven Java web framework based on Tapestry 5 in the spirit of Ruby on Rails and Naked Objects.

The Tynamo project aims to make Java enterprise application development radically simpler by allowing developers to focus on the domain model and having other portions dynamically generated. We are building on existing technologies such as Tapestry and Hibernate rather than reinventing the wheel.

Choo choo! The security train is moving again, all aboard! This is the 0.6.1 bullet train on the latest T5.4-beta-22 rail. Our rail engineers have been hard at work and delivered the following enhancements:


  • Session timeout, Login, POST form resubmission fails #7
  • Redirecting to saved XHR url can lead to Exceptions #6
  • add German messages for the login form #5
  • Upgrade security.loginForm component to take advantage of new Twitter Bootstrap look and feel of Tapestry 5.4 #3

User guide at, code at

Enjoy the ride!

Tynamo Team

Once again, thanks to Alejandro Scandroli's brilliant work, we are releasing another T5.4 compatible module: tapestry-resteasy 0.4.0. Source at Github, read the userguide at Release notes:

New Feature

  • [TYNAMO-221] - Add support for RestEASY generated JavaScript API
  • [TYNAMO-231] - Integrate Swagger
  • [TYNAMO-235] - Make it super easy to add CORS support.

+ issues on the github milestone 0.4.0.

On the heels of tapestry-security 0.6.0 release, follows our second T5.4 compatible release: tapestry-routing 0.1.0. Same deal here, the source is moved to Github and the userguide is still at the familiar location at Alejandro Scandroli did all the hard work, thanks Alejandro!

For release notes, I'm thinking in the future I'm just going to link to the Github milestone for the release. Let's practice: tapestry-routing 0.1.0 milestone.




As hinted earlier, our first T5.4 compatible module, tapestry-security is released. This release is primarily for compatibility, although I threw in one, non-backwards compatible enhancements for optimized rememberMe cookies because I felt it was the right time. The source has moved to Github and the userguide is still at the familiar location at I've only recently started working more on T5.4 codebase myself so keep the enhancements (and pull requests!) coming as you see need. Open issues against the Github repo please.

Release Notes - tapestry-security-0.6.0

** Improvement

    * [TYNAMO-147] - Make tapestry-security compatible with tapestry-5.4

** Task

    * [TYNAMO-236] - Migrate tapestry-security to tapestry 5.4 beta

** Github issue

#1: Implement a new default CookieRememberMeManager for creating smaller rememberme cookies (how do you get "release notes" out from Github?)

Tynamo goes Github!
GitHub is cool and we so desperately want to be cool too that we decided Tynamo needs to be there as well. In all seriousness, Dragan Sahpaski wrote up a whizbang script to import all of the Tynamo's SVN history, branches etc. to a Git repo so it made the move a no-brainer. Thanks Dragan. We still love Codehaus though and they'll continue providing a lot of the infrastructure support, like CI builds and Confluence space but we are going to moving issue management over to Github as well so we can be ready for your pull requests instead of writing the code ourselves :) Also because we are good Git citizens, each Tynamo module now has its own Git repo. Checkout the Github organization page at and navigate from there to your preferred module and start forking away!

Now that a public beta of Tapestry 5.4 is out, we are also starting a module upgrade and release cycle for 5.4 compatibility. Tapestry-security 0.6.0 is first in line, watch for the release announcement later!

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