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Tempted to go ahead and write your own plugin ? No obligation, but you might want to share it with the Sonar community. In that case, subscribe and send an email to the Sonar development mailing list. You will then benefit from the Sonar plugins forge to publish the plugin, have access to Subversion to store the source code and to JIRA to file your issues.

When you utilize the forge, we request that you respect the following principles :

  1. A plugin is built with Maven 2.
  2. When you create a plugin called 'foo', it should be stored in the directory 'foo'. Maven groupId is 'org.codehaus.sonar-plugins' and artifactId is  'sonar-foo-plugin'.
  3. Add the plugin as a module of ../pom.xml
  4. After creation, send an email to the dev mailing for it to be added to Continuous Integration server (Bamboo)
  5. The copyright belongs to whoever wrote the plugin, however the license should be business friendly (see #Define plugin license)

Request hosting

  1. Create an account at Codehaus
  2. Subscribe to
  3. Send e-mail to and tell us your Codehaus ID, so that we can give you a commit access to subversion.

Choose license

Starting from Sonar plugins parent POM version 4 we are using maven-license-plugin for checking and for managing license headers in source files (currently only java-files).

Here is a brief description of how we recommend to use this plugin :

  1. Define licenses, inceptionYear and organization in your pom.xml file :
  2. Place license-header.txt to your src directory (example of this file can be found here).
  3. Add/update headers of your source files :

For detailed instructions on how to use this plugin see plugin homepage.

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