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Git guide


IzPack Git repositories

The "blessed" IzPack repository is available from https://xircles.codehaus.org/projects/izpack/repos/primary/repo

The following is a list of official IzPack developers forks:

The following is a list of forks from various people around the globe (do not hesitate to add yourself here):

Pull requests on GitHub


A quick and efficient way to collaborate with an IzPack developer that has a repository on GitHub is to:

  1. fork his/her repository, and
  2. send pull requests to propose your changes.

Pull requests on GitHub are really useful as they make code reviews painless!

Funny tip if you are a Subversion fanatic: GitHub repositories can be accessed read-only from Subversion.

Historical considerations

A complete Git conversion of the old Subversion repository can be found at http://github.com/jponge/izpack-full-svn-history-copy (keep in mind that because it is based on the full repository, there are no branches and tags informations, just a linear branch which maps the Subversion revisions).

IzPack first used CVS, then switch in 2004 to Subversion. It switched again, this time to Git, in 2010.

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