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Just three days after releasing 1.1, we are releasing 1.1.1. And no, we didn't have a major screw-up or suddenly find some odd bugs in the codebase, but nevertheless we had two issues. One of them was that the archetypes were referring to snapshots versions and the other one a issue with one of the latest check-ins which went unnoticed through two unit tests particular to the issue and some amount of manual testing. Well what can I say, these things happen. We could have bumped up the version numbers of only the affected modules, but since that would have required more manual changes than just rolling out a new point release, we took the sure - and more automated - way. Most of the code is 100% the same as in 1.1, so we'll treat 1.1.1 as our official 1.1 release and just chalk up the earlier release as a fire drill (smile) Now, enjoy.

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