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Releases are now performed using Maven 2 so you need to have Maven 2 installed (see the building page).

  1. There are several artifacts which have separate release cycles: parent-pom, resources, core, extensions/ant, extensions/maven and extensions/maven2.
    1. Core depends on a given version of resources, this is defined by setting the resources version in the property cargo.resources.version in core/pom.xml.
    2. Extensions depend on a given version, this is defined by setting the core version in the property cargo.core.version in extensions/pom.xml
    3. Parent pom version is declared in resources/pom.xml, core/pom.xml and extensions/pom.xml.
  2. Before releasing, make sure what is going to be released is fully functional. In particular, run the samples using the all-downloadable profile.
    1. If any container is not passing, more it to the all-unstable-downloadable list.
    2. Make sure all containers in the all-stable-downloadable profile pass the samples.
  3. Releases are done with the maven release plugin. Please do a dry-run before doing the actual release to ensure there aren't any problems. You can supply your credentials on the command line (-Dusername=<username> -Dpassword=<password>), or keep them in your settings.xml file (in your .m2 directory or in your user home directory. Here's an example settings.xml:
  4. Log onto Cargo JIRA, release the current version and add the next version
  5. Check that the Cargo wiki is up to date. Specifically, perform the following updates:
    1. Modify the status on the home page about the delivery:
      1. Make sure the Containers list is complete
      2. Make sure the Navigation page is complete, pay a particular attention to the Containers and Experimental containers lists (the latter contains all containers in the all-unstable-downloadable list)
    2. Modify the Downloads and Archived Downloads pages to update the download links
    3. Create a release notes page for the new version
    4. Export the wiki to a zipped HTML file and add it the Downloads page
  6. Send an announcement email to Cargo mailing lists (and to other relevent sites)
  7. Create a blog post
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