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CARGO 1.0.1 is now available !

1 year and 3 months after CARGO 1.0, the CARGO team is proud to announce the immediate availability of CARGO 1.0.1.

This new version fixed 36 bugs, takes into account 13 improvements and 7 new features.

New containers

CARGO 1.0.1 supports new containers:

  • Glassfish 3.x
  • JBoss 5.1 and 6.0 milestones
  • Jetty 7.x from

Also, support of existing containers has been improved. For example:

  • JBoss 5 is now stable
  • All JBoss versions support the username and password arguments
  • JOnAS 5 supports the modern JOnAS 5.1 releases
  • Memory-related arguments are now taken into account for all containers
  • The "username" attribute bug on modern Tomcat versions has been fixed
  • ...

New features

Apart from new containers, CARGO 1.0.1 has two main new features:

  • ANT tasks can now also be used for configuring a container (without start)
  • CARGO can now start and stop remote containers via ssh. Note that we did not completely finish that feature yet, try at your own risk (smile)


On the improvements side, we have:

  • All container implementations now rely on the discovery mechanisms, instead of having manual entries in the CARGO core
  • The samples and Maven plugin now just use the uberjar. This ensures that the uberjar is complete.
  • When running the samples, they now all use random ports.
  • When running cargo:start and then cargo:stop, CARGO doesn't display logs twice anymore.
  • ...

You can get the full release notes via

To download CARGO, please visit

Finally, Maven users actually don't care about downloading CARGO; Maven can do everything by itself:

Enjoy !

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