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They say that a release a week keeps the doctor away so to combat any potential illnesses in advance, we are announcing tapestry-resteasy 0.2.0 and tapestry-model 0.0.2 releases!

Tapestry-resteasy is whiz-bang job of Alejandro Scandroli and this release fixes everything that could have been improved from the previous release, namely:

  • ordering the filters, adding the ResteasyRequestFilter before de GZIP filter to avoid a NPE
  • adding autodiscovery of REST resources
  • getting ready for release with the soon to be released RESTEasy 2.0
  • new "droppinable" Resteasy module.

Read more at tapestry-resteasy guide (the guide is updated!)

tapestry-model 0.0.2 is a bug-fix release:

  • TYNAMO-27 - EditComposition component doesn't know know how to deal with enum types

Read more at tapestry-model guide

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