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Description / Features

Piwik is an open-source web analytics software that can be used as an alternative to Google Analytics, in particular for internal websites. The Piwik Plugin submits individual's browsing activity of a Sonar instance to a Piwik server.

Usage & Installation

The Plugin is configured by an administrator with the details of a Piwik instance and from that point on each
web page will include a script at the end of it that submits information related to the page, the visitor, and their browser to Piwik for analysis.

To configure the Piwik Plugin:

  • You already have an instance of Piwik 0.6.
  • In Piwik you have defined a new website for the Sonar instance: Settings -> Websites -> Add new website
  • Install Piwik Plugin in Sonar through the normal plugin installation mechanism of including the jar in the Sonar extensions/plugins directory and restarting the service
  • In Sonar as an administrator: Configuration -> Settings -> Piwik ** Use the Piwik website details to fill out the parameters
    • The Website ID, for example 2, can be taken straight from the websites page of Piwik
    • The Server host name is the domain name or IP of the Piwik instance, for example
    • The Path on server is the relative location of the Piwik website on the domain. For example with the Piwik url of then this value would be "piwik-0.6". It can be empty if piwik is installed at the root of the domain.
  • Click Save Parameters

If you look at the source of a Sonar page you should now see a Piwik script near the bottom of the page.

Returning to the Piwik service you should start seeing page hits from Sonar being shown within a few seconds as you browse Sonar.

Known limitations

None known.



Release 0.1 (2 issues)


 Release 0.1

  • Configuration to set Piwik server instance
  • Including Piwik script on each page once enabled

 Release 0.2

  • ???
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